Our Process

Step 1. The Consulatation

Whether its a virtual meeting or in-home, we will review your power bill and go over your future savings. Answer any questions and walk you through the enrollment process.

2. Solar Engineering and Design 

Our engineering team will make sure the design is specific to your home. Our team will the submit over all the paperwork.

3. Install your solar project

It normally takes one day to install a project. 

4. Area Inspection

Your city or county inspector will inspect the structural and electrical integrity of the job. Once they approve the project they will pass and green tag the job. 

5. Power Meter Swap

Now that we have passes inspection, the power company will change out your power meters. Giving you a new smart meter that will read how much solar energy you send back to the grid.

6. Time to Turn on your System

Time to start seeing your savings! We will set up your monitoring system and turn your system. Time to enjoy your SOLAR.

Now that you know how easy it is, Schedule with us